I love the concept of neighbourhood, I had it in Wivenhoe – a bounty of great neighbours who generally cared. I’m so lucky to find the same thing over here, having a very smiley friend Fatima across the way, who invited me in for delicious Dutch coffee which she brought with her when she and her husband came back to Morocco after 40 years in Holland.

Its funny but you can always find a way to communicate even when your host speaks only Moroccan arabic and dutch. We spent our time looking at the numerous photos she had of her 3 son’s their partners and grand children. She worked as a house keeper in a hotel and her husband as a bus driver, they have now retired and have a flat in Marrakech and one in Essouira.

Her generosity didn’t stop there when she brought us a plate of Cous-Cous on Friday the holy day over here. Delicious and authentically Moroccan.

I find the family values and warm heartedness of Moroccan people very welcoming. Being a bit worried about my ability to take on Fatima with Moroccan dishes, I bought her some Moroccan Roses from the stall’s behind Carre Eden in Guerliz which had the most hedonistic aroma, and beautiful colours of yellow tinged with orange, for 10 blooms they were only £2 – Blooming marvellous!

Life is sweet – you can find good people all over the world, just bring your smile and an open mind.