Atlas Children’s Village

24 children a week are abandoned at birth in Marrakech, and its possibly worse when you consider those who are also later on left to roam and fend for themselves on the streets. And because they don’t have the support and care they need to live a good life, they can create problems later on as dysfunctional adults.

There are however plenty of potential benefactors in the city, the International and Moroccan elite, and it is those people who Hansjörg Huber a Swiss chap who made his fortune in Insurance needs to garner the support of, after investing half his fortune in a Children’s Village.

I met up with Nadia who is the head of fund raising at an Internation’s Event and then went on to visit the village with her and two of her Moroccan Co-Workers. Its a great idea, and quite far ahead considering building only started in 2015. There is a creative theme in the village as the founder is a great collector of art and sponsor of local artists, its the first children’s space I’ve been to with its own art gallery.

Currently there are 57 Children there, a pre-school, 5 houses and in each house a roster of ‘mothers’ for the children who cook and care for them. There is also a canteen, mosque and playground – you get the impression this is a highly organised plan, which will extend far into the future with kids as they mature and are encouraged to train for an apprenticeship on site. The ambition is to have 110 kids housed very soon.

These kids are the lucky ones, they have the best possible chance of making a good life for themselves. I will be helping Nadia with the organising of a fundraising event on 2 December in Marrakesh which will include an art auction, music, dinner and so on – if you’re interested in attending and could fill a table of 10 who are happy to contribute to the charity, let me know!

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