Cactus Heaven

I’ve got Cactus envy, I love the Cacti I see around the Riads here and I can’t wait to have my own collection – they’re so expensive in the UK I wouldn’t think of the outlay but here they are affordable (I just need a house to display them in!).

You can get a lot of different types and sizes at Palace Plante on the Ourika Road about 30 minutes from the centre of Marrakech. Even if you’re not buying, its a nice place to browse amongst beautiful plants in a quiet space away from the craziness. I suggested they had a tea and cake shop like they do in Garden Centres in England but I’m not sure there is the traffic to make it worthwhile – shame or I would pitch up there for the day.

Cacti like a lot of resources here are used for all sorts of things – actually a lot of the cushions and rugs you see are made from woven and dyed cactus fibre, hand stitched by the women in the Berber co-ops.

Cactus fruit or ‘Prickly Pairs’ are in most markets and quite cheap to buy and try, the juice which is a bit like Pomegranate is good for you too of course with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties and it is rich in minerals. The sap of Prickly Pears can also be used as hair conditioner apparently!.

Palace Plante,