Delicious Amlou

Morocco is rich in delicious good for you and natural foods, Almonds can be found everywhere and are a rich natural source of protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Actually almonds are the only superfood I’ve ever eaten that has made a visible difference (they give me stronger nails and healthier looking hair). And by far the most delicious way to gain all the benefits of almonds is Moroccan Amlou.

Like a much more delicious and natural peanut butter, Amlou its a million miles away from a jar of Sunpat! Made from all natural ingredients; ground roasted almonds, honey and argan oil, it is a delicious and healthy treat, great on a Moroccan pancake or as a dip with bread.

The best way to be sure you’re getting the real thing (which is a lot more liquid than peanut butter incidentally) is to get it from a local Moroccan friend, so the packaging here doesn’t look great but believe me the product is everything!

It cost 100 MAD for two of these which is a steal considering the amount of care and effort that goes in to making it and the expense of the pure natural ingredients.

Nut butters are becoming more interesting in Europe as the positive-in ‘healthy fats’ and ‘meat free protein’ trend continues to build, so I can see Amlou becoming the next European breakfast trend, but I can’t imagine anyone making it as nicely as our friend Kenza!

For a recipe or idea on how Amlou is made visit