Morocco – the birthplace of man?

My best read over the holiday was ‘Sapiens – A brief history of mankind’ I’ve yet to finish the second book ‘Homo Deus – A brief history of tomorrow’ but I can’t wait. This is the right time to take a look at our distant past and evolution as a species as it helps us to contextualise the massive transformational changes we are experiencing today by putting them in a wider evolutionary context.

So imagine my excitement when I returned to Morocco after the break to find that we are now home to the oldest Homo Sapien finds in the World. Previously, as most of us know, it was thought that the first examples of our closest ancestors came from East Africa then migrating into Europe and eventually America, the East etc. This new find throws that theory into doubt.

Morocco is a magical place and there is an ancient feeling here, a ‘natural energy’ as I’ve mentioned before, so I wasn’t surprised about this find. This is the place where we first foraged, the original Eden, and personally I’m enjoying the chance to experience and relearn the ways of the past while staying part of today’s digital generation.

For more information on the fossil find click on the link to read an article from the NY Times

To order the book I was mentioning click on the link to check Amazon.