Honey Tasting Notes

When I first came to Morocco I researched honey and said that I would update you with tasting notes.

Well I tasted my first pure Dagmus mountain honey bought in the Atlas mountains for £20 for a Kilo (its normally more expensive), it is truly nectar from the heavens, because it’s so pure it is also tainted with the bee’s sting.

So at first you get a delightful mouth of melting liquid gold the best thing you’ve ever tried – but you don’t need much of it… I had one tea spoon and soon after the delicious sweetness hits your pleasure sensors, you are surprised by a warming sting at the back of your throat which mounts slowly – not in an unpleasant way, it’s something like the sting of chilli.

My mission is to get my friends to taste; honey made from sugar, honey sold in the supermarket as ‘mountain honey’ and the real thing – once tasted you’d never go back, although it should carry a note to ‘use sparingly’ however the price will ensure it’s not something lavished carelessly!

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