Moroccan Soup

Street food is pretty popular in Europe right now, and it’s the best way to experience some authentic Moroccan foods, and if the stall is very busy – you know the food is fresh.

Moroccan Soup is a cheap, fresh and authentic ‘street food’ which you can find in Marrakech. Fadma’s (she’s also called ‘Walida’ or Mama) Harira stall is famous amongst the locals who grab a bowl after work, it’s a nice informal, cheap and sociable way to end the day.

Harira (or 7airra) is a Moroccan tradition, recipes are closely guarded family secrets handed down through generations. Typically it is a smooth blend of chickpeas, lentils and tomato delicately spiced with a blend of cilantro, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and often served with a squeeze of lemon.

There is a soup ritual, you eat with a wooden spoon and china bowl, and the soup is accompanied by either bread and boiled eggs, or a side of dates and a honey soaked sweet treat called Chebakya. Enjoy with a cup of mint tea.

To find Fadma at the Moroccan soup stall in Marrakech:

Start in the main square in the old town (Jamal Fna) take Prince Moulay Rachid street until you get to Hotel Tazi then take Homman Al Fatouaki street on the left, go 100 yards and turn into the first street on the left Almoustachfa Riad Koukha street.

Starts at 17:00 in the evening finishes around 22.00 in Summer (20:00 in Winter).

There are many Moroccan Soup recipes on the internet, or contact me for a local’s tips on their own favourite recipe.