A New Chapter

I have always found old people interesting, when you talk to them the years on their face slip away and the magic of the person inside shines through.

One older friend Pat (87) who lived opposite me in Wivenhoe, when talking about life at a time when mine had turned upside down said, ‘it comes in many chapters‘. If that’s true then I think I’m on Chapter 6 ‘realising your dreams, and being happy with who you are‘ and I’m hoping it will be an interesting one.

And so to Morocco where a chance holiday a year ago has turned into a new cultural adventure. I’ve packed my bags, rented my house and I’m now living (and working) in Marrakech with Ruby the Schnoodle in tow.

My aim while I’m here  is to build on my interests in food, drink, culture and design by viewing things through a different lens – a must if you’re a born creative and innovator. So I’ll be blogging about things which catch my eye and the connections I can see between the North African Islamic world and my world in the UK.  I have already noticed a few opportunities!

We live in exciting times where you can work from anywhere armed with, wifi and laptop – so I’m freelancing too.  I’ll be happy to pick up work remotely while I’m here whether its an insight report, innovation brief, or creating a workshop with a difference inspired by a vibrant culture in a beautiful setting. I’m also pursuing my interest in photography so look out for my Instagram feed.

I hope you enjoy this blog – any feedback is welcome!